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Volvo Brake Hose - Techna-Fit 9492354

Volvo Brake Hose - Techna-Fit 9492354

Stainless Brake Line
C70, S70, V70
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Techna-Fit stainless steel brake lines.

With 30 years industry experience, including Deutsch Aerospace and as the President of Goodridge USA (a fluid transfer systems company), Stuart Trotter founded Techna-fit in 1996.

Superior braking performance with Techna-Fit Stainless Steel braided brake lines.

Techna-Fit manufactures better brakes lines then the original. Because brake lines are typically made to be flexible (to allow them to move freely with the suspension), it is that same flexibility that can lead to a softer pedal when braking. Techna-Fit brake hoses are made of flexible PTFE and then wrapped in braided stainless steel to keep the hose from expanding during braking. The result is a flexible brake line that does not expand, thus the driver gets a nice firm brake pedal. Also all brake lines are D.O.T. certified and stamped F.T.S. to guarantee authenticity.

Finally, Techna-Fit also applies this same process to their clutch line kits for the same benefit, so be it brake lines or clutch lines, if you are looking for better then original, choose Techna-Fit.

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