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Porsche Oxygen Sensor (Cayenne) - Ntk 94860612902
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NTK part of the NGK family

NTK is part of the NGK product family. Whereas NGK specializes in spark plugs, NTK specializes in O2 Sensors, also known as Oxygen Sensors. In fact NTK supplies more OEM oxygen sensors to automobile makers than any other manufacturer in the world.

NTK’s OEM Expertise

As an OEM, all NTK products are OEM certified and are designed with the highest quality materials, so all NTK oxygen sensors meet or surpass original equipment specifications. Also, all sensors now use waterproof factory fitted connectors so expect NTK sensors to fit perfectly the first time. Placing a new NTK oxygen sensor in your vehicle will help contribute to lower emissions, improved gas mileage, better engine performance, and extend the catalyst’s life.

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