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Mothers Car Care Products

Mothers is well known in the automotive world for the exceptional quality of its car cleaning and detailing products and the durability and high shine of its pastes and wax applications. The Mothers car care products are recommended by many auto manufacturers for their vehicles and features the highest quality ingredients for the brightest car-show-ready shine. This makes it an ideal addition to the selection of top quality OEM parts offered by FCP and will provide a greater variety of car care choices for their customers. The Mothers products now available from the FCP family of companies include Mothers car wash, Mothers spray wax, the Mothers premium leather care kit, plastic and aluminum cleaners and polishes and a full line of tire cleaning and shining products. FCP will also offer a full line of Mothers detailing products to give cars that brilliant car show shine inside and out. FCP President Nick Bauer commented, “Mothers car care products are an outstanding addition to the FCP product line and will help us continue to offer the widest possible selection to meet the needs of our customers.”

Mothers Wax

Benefits of Mothers Products and Mothers Wax

Products available for paint, tires, rims, vinyl, rubber, leather, chrome and metal accessories/trim.

Mothers California Gold Car Wash is strong enough to wash away dirt, road film, bugs, bird droppings, airborne pollutants and other grime, without removing wax or dulling the paint.

Mothers paste and spray wax provides a deep long lasting shine. The carnauba wax will give paint added protection against the elements.

Carnauba Wax is made with the finest Brazilian yellow carnauba for superior shine and protection.

PowerBall and PowerBall Mini are designed to be attached to a drill to polish headlights, tail lights and rims. The PowerBall is made out of open-cell foam and has compressible cleaning fingers. Gets into tight spaces making it quick and easy to clean rims with multiple spokes.

Mothers remains to be one of the most popular names when in it comes to car detailing.

Save money by purchasing Mothers detailing products online and avoid the high prices found at local auto part stores.

Mothers Detailing Kits

Mothers Basic Detail Kit - MOTHERSKIT1

Mothers Ultimate Detail Kit - MOTHERSKIT2

Mothers Premium Leather Care Kit - MOTHERSKIT3

Drivers of imported European cars know the workmanship and quality that goes into creating such vehicles. They also know much is invested in purchasing and owning such a vehicle, including maintenance and repairs. As a result, there’s no good reason a car should be neglected, particularly the exterior which can be easily cared for using Mother’s car care products.

With a wide range of products that can help maintain the quality look of a car’s paint exterior, tire rims, chrome trim, interior leather, and all the crafted metal bits and bobs, there’s no reason a quality import car should look dingy. Unfortunately, basic car care with a car wash doesn’t cut the job. Instead, the typical soap and water approach just moves the dirt around on the car surface, re-washing the vehicle with the same water and soap that just took the dirt off in another area. Additionally, hardened contaminants such as road grit, insects, and bird excrement can slowly eat away and protective paint if left on too long.

Products Available

Mother’s car care products include paste and spray wax cleaners that not only break down such contaminants, they also help protect the car with a durable, lasting shine. Additionally, the wax also helps fend off the damage from sun, wind and rain, creating an invisible barrier on the car exterior surface.

Are the headlights beginning to look a bit dull and foggy? This is a common problem with older European cars. However, with Mothers car care Powerball and Powerball Mini attachments, headlights can be cleaned up to look almost new again. These attachments connect to a basic power drill and use a Mother’s care foam cleaner to break down old grit that takes the gleam out of lights, trim, and lenses. With the varying Powerball sizes, a car owner can easily clean different shapes and grooves without damaging the car.

Ordering Benefits

In addition to all the benefits Mother’s car care products provide, FCP Euro can make the purchase of these great maintenance products easy on the wallet as well. With the company’s online shopping system website as well as trained ASE certified technicians available by phone, FCP Euro can provide great maintenance supplies from Mother’s care at significant discount. To make the purchase even better, all orders of $149 total automatically qualify for free shipping as well. This can save anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of cost on an order total given current general courier shipping rates today.

So if you’re a car owner looking for better care for your valuable asset beyond just a bucket of water and soap, and chancing the vehicle’s exterior to the elements, connect with FCP Euro’s website or call 877-634-0063 for questions or to order. There’s no sense throwing away a valuable car investment to chance and the elements when a little bit of maintenance can go a long way in preserving the look and enjoyment of your vehicle. And FCP Euro’s trained staff can easily show you how with Mother’s car care products and more.

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