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Volvo Radiator Hose Lower - Mackay 464970
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Mackay OEM products

Mackay is an Australian company, founded in 1932 that specializes in engineered rubber and metal/rubber composite products for the automotive and transportation industries. As a Tier One OEM (original equipment supplier) to GM and Toyota in Australia, Mackay’s success is the result of their focus on engineering a cost effective solution for their clients.

Mackay’s selection of auto parts

Mackay has an extensive list of quality products they continue to produce and export, including, Rubber Vibration Isolators, Rubber Seals, Radiator Hoses, Rubber Hoses, Engine Mounts, Suspension Bushes, Engine Hoses Designs, Pedal Pads, Exhaust Mounts, Rubber Buffers, Rubber Bellows, Conical Mounts, and Rubber Injection Moldings.

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