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Why Buy Denso Parts?

Three reasons: Quality, Reliability and Value

DENSO has taken everything learned from being an OEM manufacturer and applied it to their aftermarket product line. Every component that Denso manufactures and distributes in their factories has been designed with ultimate precision and always manufactured to OEM specifications and subjected to rigorous safety and performance tests to stand up to all driving conditions.

All of DENSO’s factories are ISO and TS16969 certified worldwide which is just one of the many reasons Denso has zero defects for parts produced in the millions. Denso was a recipient of the prestigious Deming Award for quality and they’ve spent over five decades perfecting their technology and processes. The Original Equipment standard quality and reliability of DENSO aftermarket parts add up to a tremendous value for their customer and FCP is proud to be a supplier of Denso replacement automotive parts.

Denso Fuel Pump

Does your vehicle exhibit these symptoms: hard to start, lack of power, frequent stalling? If this sounds like your vehicle then you may need to check and replace your fuel pump. If your fuel pump needs replacing then you can’t do better than a Denso fuel pump. Denso is an OEM fuel pump supplier to some of the top automakers and they have also pioneered a smart fuel pump technology that allows their fuel pump to run at the highest sustained pressure in the industry through a common rail and return system. Denso offers the cutting edge technology in fuel system and fuel pumps.

High pressure and volume aren’t enough to produce a superior fuel pump; having a reliable and silent operating fuel pump are critical to a high performing fuel pump. Denso’s manufacturing facilities are some of the highest quality in the world, receiving numbers OEM awards for product quality and consistency. Denso has fuel pumps are available for hundreds of European and Import vehicle applications.

Denso Fuel Pump Specifications, Features, and Benefits

  • Denso turbine technology delivers fuel with minimal pressure pulsation for quiet operations
  • Denso’s fuel pump armature delivers ultra-high balance to minimize noise and vibration
  • Fuel pump check valve maintains consistent pressure for superior hot fuel handling characteristics
  • Denso fuel pumps provide quiet and trouble-free install and operation
  • Denso fuel pumps accurately meter pressure for optimal
  • Fuel pump built-in coils minimize any radio interference

Denso A/C Compressors

A vehicles A/C Compressor is the heart it’s air conditioning system. The A/C Compressor circulates the refrigerant that is vital to the operations. Denso is one of the world’s leading supplier of A/C Compressors for European and Import automotive applications including brand new and remanufactured compressors to the repair industry and automotive do it yourself enthusiasts as well. DENSO manufactures A/C compressors and is considered the OEM supplier for many of the world’s top car makers. Factor A/C compressors make up 85% of their coverage.

In addition to their high quality brand new units, some Europen and Import applications are covered by a remanufactured Denso compressor. Each remanufactured compressor goes through a rigorous inspection and testing process to meet DENSO’s strict standards for quality. If the remanufactured compressor does not meet the standards, it is replaced with a factor new component. All of the compressors are coreless, which means that you do not have to worry about sending your old compressor back or putting an additional deposit when you purchase a remanufacture compressor.

Benefits of DENSO A/C Compressors

  • High output and extended durability for all new and remanufactured compressor applications
  • Exact fit and unmatched reliability
  • A/C Compressors are quiet and efficient, while built for performance

Denso Accumulator / Receiver Drier

Receiver Driers or A/C accumulators are designed to store refrigerant until it is needed, absorb moisture and contain debris that may be in the system or the refrigerant

Denso A/C Expansion Valves

An A/C expansion valve regulates the liquid refrigerant entering the evaporator core and separates the high side of the system from the low side. The expansion valve is designed and engineered to the precise OE manufacturer standard for optimum performance, efficiency, and dependability. Denso expansion valves are constantly updated for improved performance and maximum life.

Denso Alternators

DENSO alternators are original equipment for many of the world's top production cars and they are a favorite in motorsports as well. Denso Alternators light weight, high efficiency, and durability under the most grueling conditions make them the best choice for alternator replacement. Remanufactured DENSO alternators go through a grueling process of voltage testing to 300 volts, while rotors are submitted to 600 volts, all to ensure reliable performance. DENSO alternator bearings are validated to OE standards and loaded with premium OEM lubricants. New or remanufactured, a DENSO alternator is a high quality replacement part.

Denso Alternators are offered in versions from 40 to 160 amps and beyond for hundreds of specific vehicle applications for European and Import vehicles. All alternators meet DENSO's rigorous First Time Fit© standard testing. New vehicles employ dozens of sophisticated electronic systems from bumper to bumper, placing heavy demands on the charging system so the alternator is no place to cut corners. DENSO makes sure that their alternators meet or exceed all manufacturer standards and mount properly with a minimum of installation issues, and provide years of reliable service.

Features of Denso Alternators

-Denso Alternators offer a premium core and precise OE assembly benchmarks They are designed to meet the grueling heat and electrical requirements -Denso’s First Time Fit® provides perfect mounting with no belt or pulley alignment issues -Most service professionals, installers, and DIY enthusiasts preferred DENSO's alternators for a trouble free solution -Denso Alternators have a OE-quality fit, appearance, and durability while being fully compatible with sensitive electronic systems

Denso A/C Condensers

Denso A/C Condensers are designed and manufactured to integrate seamlessly with the vehicles original air conditioning system. DENSO condensers are an exact match to the vehicles original air conditioning condenser and designed to integrate seamlessly with the vehicles original Air conditioning system. DENSO’s A/C condensers offer multiflow, subcooling, and the latest serpentine condenser styles to offer and provide the optimal configuration for each application. Their premium aluminum construction improves reliability and resists corrosion to avoid expensive system leaks, while the superior fin design offers heat transfer and maximum condensation of refrigerant. The A/C heat exchanger cores are specifically designed to shred airborne material buildup which allows the A/C system to operate at peak efficiency with minimal maintenance, assuring the consumer years of trouble free service.

Denso Ignition Coils

Denso is a natural leader in the direct ignition technology, developing the industry’s first compact stick type ignition coil. This space saving design requires no high tension ignition cable fitting neatly into the engines spark plug bore. This design has since been adopted by many of the world’s leading automakers. In addition to its stick technology, other advanced features such as micro sized driver circuits and diagonal inductive windings make up the additional feature of the product. DENSO ignition coils are used by all major automakers in today’s high tech ignition systems.

Along with its stick coil technology, other advanced features pioneered by DENSO include micro-sized driver circuits and diagonal inductive windings. In the development of today's high-tech ignition systems, the automakers and DENSO are full partners. Denso’s ignition coils feature high energy output in today’s low emission high efficiency engines.

Features and Benefits Denso Ignition Coils

-Improved ignition coil efficiency reduces the need to generate high voltage -Driving circuit is integrated into top of ignition coil -Coil eliminate the need for ignition wires

-Ignitions coils are small in size, light in weight and easy to install -Ignition coils eliminate phantom misfires -Ignition coil maximum available voltage under all operating conditions

Denso A/C Evaporators

Denso is a leader in the development of innovate evaporator technology offering the highest grade aftermarket products for a variety of European and Import applications. Their OEM experience and know how ensure that their aftermarket products provide unmatched performance from critical A/C components. Denso knows that evaporator performance is essential for proper air conditioning performance and the evaporator configurations, tank, fin pitch, core dimensions and material all meet the manufacturers OEM specifications. All Denso evaporators pass stricture durability and functionality testing.

Evaporator Types Available from Denso

-DENSO Multitank Superslim (MS) - DENSO Parallel flow single-tank - DENSO Serpentine

Benefits of Denso Evaporators

  • All DENSO evaporators are dependable and lightweight
  • DENSO evaporators are made to fit the first time without the need for adjustments or modifications.

Denso Filters

Filters play a critical role in basic vehicle care and maintenance. Replacing your filters will restore performance loss from a clogged filter. DENSO's design in automotive filter technology traps hazardous particulate matter while allowing a high flow through rate. DENSO is one of the world's largest suppliers of OEM air filters and oil filters. DENSO's filters are built to meet top European and Import car maker’s standards.

Denso Air Filters

The air filter is one of the first components to a vehicles air induction system. The air filters purpose is to allow a clean source of air to enter the engine. This helps prevent hazardous dust particles from damaging internal workings of the engine like the pistons cylinder walls or getting into the oil or lubrication system causing contamination. Reducing the amount of debris particles will undoubtedly extend the life of the motor.

Denso Cabin Air Filters

Cabin air filters are designed to filter the outside air coming into the vehicle's passenger compartment where the passengers breathe the air. Denso's cabin air filters are constructed to deliver better air quality comfort to the passenger compartment by removing airborne contaminants like dust, smoke, and pollen.

Oil Filters

One of the most critical components to any motor oil system is the oil filter. The oil gets pumped through the engine passing through the main bearings keeping the metal to metal friction down. The job of the oil filter is to trap debris and keep it from entering into the moving parts. Denso is respected as one of the world's largest automotive components suppliers of oil filters to auto manufacturers and as replacement auto parts around the globe.

Denso Filter Features and Benefits

-DENSO filtration materials designed to trap and hold particulate debris -DENSO filters are designed to fit and seal just like the original equipment -DENSO engineered for great air flow and filtration -DENSO Filters Provides a cleaner environment by trapping particulate matter -Filters extends the life of equipment being used -Filters are Easy to install, easy to replace

Denso Fuel Injectors

The electronic fuel injection systems in today's cars are incredibly sophisticated and can adapt to a wide range of conditions, their real-world performance often comes down to the quality and performance of the fuel injectors themselves. Each fuel injector must deliver precisely the right quantity of fuel at exactly the right instant; thousands of times per minute, or performance, economy, and engine smoothness will suffer. Top installers, mechanics, and automotive technicians won’t settle for second-best on these crucial components and that’s why they choose a DENSO fuel injector first.

Features and Benefits of DENSO Fuel Injectors

  • DENSO fuel injectors consist of premium internal components -DENSO fuel injector’s technology boasts the highest dynamic range
  • DENSO fuel injectors have calibrated impedance assures full system compatibility
  • DENSO fuel injectors maintain new-car smoothness and drivability
  • DENSO fuel injectors fit the first time saving valuable shop time -DENSO fuel injectors fine fuel spray significantly reduces exhaust emissions

DENSO Ignition Wire Sets

DENSO Ignition Wire Sets are identical in form, fit, and function to the factory installed wire set that came originally on your European or Import vehicle. Each ignition wire is precut to the proper length and ready to install right out of the box. The wire sets are manufactured to the SAE class E standards and can handle temperatures from -40 to 428 degrees Fahrenheit. The ignition boots and end caps are OEM quality as well which provide a click as they seat on the end of the terminals.

Features and Benefits of DENSO Ignition Wire Sets

-Denso wires have Carbon-impregnated, reinforced Kevlar® and fiberglass core -Wire sets withstand High-temperature through SAE Class E silicone jacket -Wire-wound electrical suppression layer on wire sets -Superior dielectric and thermal qualities on wire sets -Ignition wires have factory-original fit, appearance, and performance -All ignition wires have world-class chemical and oil resistance

Denso Oxygen Sensors

Oxygen sensors are also known as Lambda sensors or O2 sensors among some vehicle manufacturers and are among the most sensitive and critical components of your car’s engine. Modern engines may use as many as four sensors, which monitor not only exhaust gas oxygen content but catalytic converter efficiency as well. In order to perform these functions properly the oxygen sensors must adhere to original equipment standards within incredibly small tolerances. If your oxygen sensors malfunctions or is incorrectly calibrated, the result could be decreased drivability or damage to your catalytic converter, which could be an extremely costly repair. Denso oxygen sensors are designed to fit the first time and meet the exact specified tolerances. DENSO offers one of the most complete product lines for European and Import vehicles.

Features and Benefits of DENSO Oxygen Sensor

-DENSO oxygen sensors are corrosion-resistant through a stainless steel construction -Exclusive PTFE filter blocks efficiency-robbing contaminants -Refined zirconia element improves oxygen sensor response -DENSO oxygen sensors increase performance and efficiency, reduced fuel consumption -Oxygen sensors are guaranteed to fit the first time and ensure smog test compliance

Denso Air Fuel Fuel Sensor

As Air Fuel ratio technology has evolved, DENSO engineers have been there every step of the way to keep up with rapid technology changes. DENSO has been the number one supplier in the industry for OEM Air Fuel Ratio sensors. Air Fuel Ratio sensors are a heated, quick response sensor required for emissions and air fuel regulation.

Features and Benefits of Denso Air Fuel Ratio Sensors

-Air fuel tarnish proof platinum electrodes provides longer life of the air fuel ratio and maintains accuracy -Air fuel planar zirconia element can quickly detect oxygen concentration -Measures air fuel ratios from approximately 12:1 to 19:1 -Air Fuel Sensors increase performance by mapping air fuel ratios throughout rpm range -Air Fuel ratio sensors reduces emissions by keeping the air-fuel mixture at an optimum ratio -Air fuel ratio sensors reduce fuel consumption and maximize catalytic converter life

Denso Relays

Denso Relays are engineered to meet the most stringent automaker standards for shock resistance, arcing, and thermal protection. Additionally, DENSO automotive relays feature the lowest return rates in the industry which equals value for car owners and repair facilities alike.

b>Denso Relay Features and Benefits

-Relays are lead-free and the solder less construction prevents heat shock and arcing -Relays have a controlled contact force and self-adjusting air gap increase longevity of the internal parts -Low heat generation and reduced electrical loads, while still being built to last

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