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VW Parking Brake Cable - Cofle 191609721A
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Cofle OEM Control Cables

Since 1964, Cofle has been making remote control cables for everyone from heavy machinery manufactures to Italian auto manufacturers, including OEM (original equipment manufacturer).

Cofle Cable Design Expertise

Today the Cofle catalog offers of more than 4000 parts and products, all designed and manufactured with OEM experience including high quality OEM technical standards. Cofle has also been responsible for the production and design of Pull, Push-Pull and Shift Cables, Joysticks, Mechanical Control levers, Mechanical and Electronic Throttle Pedals and absolute control systems in the agricultural, industrial OEM and automotive OEM sectors. Cofle also has created a separate division committed to the engineering and production of a whole range of high quality parts for numerous applications, like, Control Systems, PTO, Push-Pull, Light and Heavy Duty Mechanical Control Cables, as well as, Foot and Hand Operated Throttle Pedals and Joysticks. As a whole, Cofle is a designer, developer, and supplier of the one of the largest product lines for Brake cables, Clutch cables, and Accelerator and Speedometer cables, for all aftermarket passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Cofle has had more than 40 successful years in its history, by offering the most elite products and parts within the auto, agricultural, and industrial fields, all over the world, as well as holding the certified Quality System UNI EN ISO 9001:2000.

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