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BMW Spring Washer (B12) - Genuine BMW 07119933127

BMW Spring Washer (B12) - Genuine BMW 07119933127

320i, 528i, 530i, 630CSi, 633CSi, 733i
Genuine BMW
BMW Recessed Oval Head Sheet-Metal Screw (St29X19) - Genuine BMW 07119902421
BMW Countersunk Screw (M6X12) - Genuine BMW 07119928511

BMW Countersunk Screw (M6X12) - Genuine BMW 07119928511

320i, 524td, 528e, 528i, 530i, 533i, 535i, 535is, & more
Genuine BMW

The History of BMW

The Bavarian Motor Works Company company is known for its obsession with detail, quality and leading-edge technologies. The vehicles from this famed German automaker justifiably have been highly popular for decades. BMW has a long and interesting history. BMW was originally founded in 1916 but it didnt build or manufacture a car until 1928. During this time BMW manufactured aviation engines primarily. After WWII BMW's first production car was the 501 which was kind of a flop for the company. Towards the end of the 1950's the fate of BMW was left in the balance. In fact it might have been Daimler Benz which bought BMW but their offer was rejected by a small group of shareholders and the workforce. Herbert Quandt restructured the company allowing BMW to maintain its independence. In the early 1960's BMW introduce its New Class of cars (Neu Klasse) which was a mid class production sporty sedan. This move in the BMW product line struck a cord and the concept caught on as a formula for all BMW's to come after. Through the 1970's BMW expanded it's operation creating its own credit company to finance its operations as well as the Dingolfing production plant. It also built its current headquarters in Munich during this time. BMW M division was also founded during the 1970's which was responsible for building race cars and race car engines. BMW during the 1980's and 1990's spread its production facilities into different markets including a plant opening in 1994 in Spartansburg, South Carolina. In 1998 BMW acquired Rolls Royce and in 2001 BMW launched the new Mini line,

BMW Parts at FCP Euro

We made a decision as a company to service BMWs because of the large community of owners that surround the marque. Everywhere you go you can find a forum for just about any era of BMW. There is also a plethora of free information out there such as RealOEM which provides parts lookup to anyone with a computer as well as many BMW forums and communities to help support your ownership. BMW positioned itself a long time ago as a driver's car and the type of person who owns these cars is typically someone who also cares about cars. BMW does a great job on tuning their platforms to deliver a balance of performance and comfort which is practically unrivaled.

At FCP Euro we offer an extensive online catalog of Genuine and **OEM BMW Parts, some aftermarket parts, and a small selection of performance/upgrade parts. Some of the biggest brands we sell are Bosch, Rein/CRP, Sachs, Bilstein, LuK, INA, Mann, Corteco, Lemforder (ZF), and TRW. We service an array of models with parts for 2002's all the way up to the current generation F chassis cars. Our strongest offering is BMW models from 1992 up to 2012. Most of the BMW's on the road today fall within this model year range. The heaviest emphasis on the catalog is E36, E46, E9X 3-series, E39/E60 5-series, E38 7-series, E53/E70/E83 X models, and of course the M cars. The reason why we put the focus behind these models is because these are the cars in today's market which are out of warranty and a good percentage of the vehicle owners are DIYers. We support these owners with a catalog that offers the best performing parts for these applications.

BMW Kits at FCP Euro

Currently the most popular kits we offer are the BMW TRW M3 control arm upgrade kit which is a huge upgrade for non M E9X 3-series and E8X 1-series models. You get better suspension geometry courtesy of the longer lower wishbones along with M spec bushings. It's also a more cost effective option in replacement control arms than the original equipment for these models which makes it unique. Another wildly popular kit we currently offer are the ""special"" index 12 injectors for N54, N63, and S63 applications. These injectors are the updated injectors with an improved internal filter that addresses the most common failure of these injectors.The best part is the injectors are half the price of the other part number BMW lists in their ETK. It's great because customers are getting a superior product at an even better price point and for close to a year we're the only vendor who has really taken advantage of it.Customers with N54 135i's/335i's buy the injector kit with decoupling elements all the time.

Shopping for BMW Parts Online

High quality replacement parts have become readily available online. FCP Euro carries a wide range of these replacement OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and aftermarket replacement parts for your vehicle. Shopping for BMW parts online can be far more pleasant and less costly than having to struggle to find the right parts locally or being forced to buy parts from a nearby high-margin dealer who has little competition. We think you deserve the best at fair prices. In addition to OEM and genuine parts, we carry aftermarket as well. Our aftermarket replacements are just as good as the originals. In some cases, the quality of third-party replacements may exceed that of Genuine BMW parts. We are quite proud of our quality control and think BMW itself would have no problem with using our parts to actually build their flagship cars. Our replacement parts are always guaranteed to meet or exceed expectations from. Additionally, we offer custom kits intended to keep your BMW operating at peak performance. Our timing belt, water pump and tune up maintenance kits are particularly suited for defending your BMW against the harsh conditions of winter.

Please feel free to browse our extensive BMW car parts online catalog. Our selection includes a full range of high quality BMW Suspension, BMW Brakes, and BMW Engine Parts. Our intelligent menus can narrow down the catalog display pages to include only the parts that fit your particular model and year. Our catalog is populated with sharp, detailed pictures and plainly written descriptions that make it clear what you are getting. Please let us know if any particular catalog entry needs more information. Accuracy and completeness are paramount to us. All of our OEM parts are guaranteed to be genuine, and all aftermarket replacement parts and custom kits are fully certified to be compatible with your automobile. All of our parts come with full one-year warranties.

If your replacement parts are directly installed by an ASE-certified technician, we will back those parts with a lifetime parts warranty. If you choose to install the parts yourself, we will still offer the same limited lifetime warranty on them for a modest fee of 10 percent of their original cost. Our own highly trained ASE-certified technicians stand ready to provide remote installation support during regular business hours from Monday through Saturday.

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